1.  In order to provide a conducive teaching and learning atmosphere.
  2.  Ensure knowledge based academic environment in the department.
  3.  Enable the student’s to solve software engineering problems independently.
  4.  Mentoring the students with effective communications skills.
  5.  Tutoring the students with best of social and ethical skills along with their engineering knowledge.
  6.  Counsel the students to gear up with their urges towards self- development and continuous improvement.
  7.  To ensure that the students are groomed in the society as a true professional.
      A. Availability: Availability indicates the resources of the department like faculties, equipment’s, tools, environment and ambience. We strongly believe we possess these resources at our disposal.
      B. Appropriateness/ Relevance: The environment for our MCA students, is relevant, perfect and appropriate. However, we are continuously elevating our resources to focus our mission and meet our vision.
      C. Consistency: The department’s vision and mission are completely consistent with the vision and mission of the institute.