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Clubs of TINT


About the Club:
TINT Photography Club is the official photography club of Techno International New Town, where the photo enthusiasts of the college try to nurture their creativity and disclose the subtle richness of reality through their images. It is one of the most popular clubs of the college and acts as a mantle to voice the feelings and ideas of students through photography, which is amongst the most modern visual art forms.


Taking the first steps:
The honourable Director of Techno International New Town, Prof. (Dr.) R.T. Goswami and the venerable Registrar of the college, Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Ghosh have always nurtured an environment in the college where culture with all its branches can flourish radiantly. It was their endeavour to maintain such an environment that led to the germination of the idea for a photography club in the college. This idea gained ground as our beloved MD Dr. Satyam Roychowdhury has always encouraged the creation of platforms so that students can express themselves outside their academic activities. He lent his support to the initiative of our honourable Director and Registrar.

The shutterbugs, who were until then just a hapless bunch of dreamers, on their part, were overjoyed that their college was creating this platform to help them propagate their unique art form, learn, and reel in others who are interested in it. Students across departments came together to be part of this initiative with great unity. Despite their varied backgrounds, they all had one thing in common – their passion for photography.

Four months back, in March 2019, the journey of the club began with its inauguration during the cultural fest of the college, and since then, there has been no looking back. The gratuitous efforts of the students and faculty and the patronage of the appropriate authorities have not only bolstered the morale of the students but also motivated them to be involved in various initiatives of the club. The Head of the Basic Science and Humanities (BSH) Department, Prof. (Dr.) Mala Mitra is another pillar of the club who has been aconstant source of inspiration and



HRIDMAJHARE, the official music club of Techno International New Town, is where students and teachers come together, learn together, jam together, and together they make music— of varied genres and with varied flavours. One of the most prestigious and popular clubs of the Institute, Hridmajhare- TINT Music Club encourages various forms of cultural and artistic expressions and creates a sense of cultural harmony among the students who come here from diverse backgrounds.hridmajhare logo


Taking the First Steps:

The journey began almost a year back, when a handful of students, with a bit of hesitation and a lot of passion, approached some faculty members of this technical institute, with a request to form a music club of the College with the official approval of the appropriate authorities. Since then, although there were periods of lull and moments of zeal, there was, most importantly, no looking back.

The pillar and plinth of the Club is the venerable Managing Director of Techno India Group and Chancellor of Sister Nivedita University, Dr. Satyam Roy Chowdhury, who has inspired us, supported us and encouraged us to render a structure to the dreams of our students in the shape of vibrant Clubs in the Institution even before Hridmajhare- TINT Music Club was conceptualised. Dr. Roy Chowdhury continues to be a fountain of motivation and creativity for us.

With the gratuitous efforts and overwhelming encouragement of the Hon’ble Director, Prof. (Dr.) R. T. Goswami, with the patronage of the respected Registrar, Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Ghosh, and with valuable suggestions for improvement and innovation from some senior professors of the Institute, Hridmajhare- TINT Music Club began its journey in the summer of 2019.

TINT Talkies - TINT Film Club

TINT Talkies, the Official Film Club of Techno International New Town, was inaugurated on Tuesday, 30th July, 2019, in the presence of renowned film personalities— Mr. Arjun Gaurisaria, National Award-winning filmmaker, Mr. Dhrubo Banerjee, acclaimed for his directorial series on Guptadhan, Ms. Sudeshna Ray, celebrated actor, director and social activist, and Mr. Soumik Haldar, illustrious cinematographer with more than a hundred and fifty feature films to his credit.

TINT Talkies was launched on the platform of the B.Tech. first year Induction Programme, by the celebrities present and the Hon’ble Director of the College, Prof. (Dr.) R. T. Goswami, with the screening of Two, a 12-minute short film by none other than Satyajit Ray, the film being arguably one of the most allegorical in Ray’s entire body of work.

It was followed by a panel discussion on “Film as an Art Form that is intricately married to Technology”, with Mr. Gaurisaria, Mr. Banerjee and Mr. Haldar as panellists, and Ms. Ray as moderator. The session ended amidst much fanfare and enthusiasm from the students as well as the faculty members.

Pic Courtesy: TINT Photography Club
Sayan Neogi. CE, 2nd year
Pratyay Ghosh, ME, 3rd year